Discover the adventure of a lifetime...out West

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Step into the past and embark on a thrilling adventure with the Relentless Pursuit series. Follow the journey of James Holiday and his family as they navigate through the rugged American West, facing challenges and perils beyond their wildest imagination.

The Journey Continues...

Oregon Trail Vendettas

In the anticipated sequel to The Race of a Lifetime, it's one year later in 1854, and 18-year-old James Holiday and his newly found family embark on an unforgettable journey along the famed Oregon Trail. As they travel eastward from Fort Bridger in the rugged Rocky Mountains toward Independence, Missouri, the small family confronts the dangers of the wilderness, treacherous weather and encounters with hostile Indians, kidnappers, horse thieves, spurned lovers, and a host of other characters seeking revenge and retribution.

Oregon Trail Vendettas is about the fight for survival against all odds for James and his family as they are tested in ways they never could have imagined. Will they make it home safely, or will their journey along the Oregon Trail be their last?

Paperback, 446 pages; historic fiction; more than 50 vintage illustrations

The Journey Begins...

The Race of a Lifetime

The first book in the Relentless Pursuit Series, The Race of a Lifetime follows 17-year-old James Holiday as the the tensions of war in the mid-1800s force him to leave the military academy in central France – his only home during his formative years. The death of his grandfather leaves James no refuge in England, and so he turns his attention to America and the hope of tracking down his father—a man he barely remembers—with only a few clues to lead him. James will risk everything on the slim chance of reuniting with his past...and finding a new life out West.

Paperback, 424 pages; historic fiction; more than 40 vintage illustrations

Two-Book Combination

Relentless Pursuit

Step back in time to the rugged and wild American West with the Relentless Pursuit Series. Join James Holiday on his quest for adventure, love, and self-discovery in these thrilling books set in the 1850s. Both books are packed with suspense, action, and heartwarming moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

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Praise for Relentless Pursuit

Very Enjoyable Book

This is a great read with well developed characters and easy imagery. It’s the story of James Holiday’s search to find the father that he had never known. Geographically and historically accurate, this is a very enjoyable book to read.
-  Mike M.

A Thrilling Series

“There is a lot to love in this story. It begins with a bang, and the opening is dramatic, intense, and immediately introduces one of the major conflicts in the story. It’s a huge promise, but the fulfillment of that promise is executed with skill and elegance.”
- Justin B.

Great Story – Hard to Put Down

Great story. hard to put down. cant wait for Jack Sanford's next book!!
- Josie

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