Relentless Pursuit:
A journey (and story) of a lifetime

The two-book saga of James Holiday and his adventures in the American West.

The Story Behind the Story

Jack Sanford began working on the idea for the Relentless Pursuit saga nearly 20 years ago, but it wasn't until his retirement from the Union Pacific Railroad that he started writing in earnest. Behind the story of adventure in the American West, Sanford wanted to share the life experienced by his own family as they moved from Nebraska to Wyoming in the late 1800s. He heard first-hand what the untamed West was like from his grandfather, C.C. Sanford. The stories instilled in him profound respect for the men, women, and families who risked everything they had (which often wasn't much more than the clothes on their backs) to find a better life out West.

Passion for the West

Visiting History

In the stirring days of the late 1800s, when the present city of Ogallala was an infant town on the Union Pacific Railroad, Boot Hill Cemetery was the final resting place for cowboys, drifters, and settlers. Numerous stories are told of those days when gun battles took their toll on human life. Many buried at Boot Hill ran afoul of the law and the streets of Ogallala echoed with gunfire as some slick gambler or horse thief met his end. One burial was that of “Rattlesnake Ed,” who was shot down over a nine dollar bet in a Monte game in the “Cowboy’s Rest Saloon.”
The author along with his research team (left to right: Todd Sanford, James Sanford, Jack Sanford, and Jack Jr.) doing a little reconnaissance at Boot Hill Cemetary in Ogalalla, Nebraska. 

About the Author

As a native of Wyoming, Jack E. Sanford has always been fascinated with the historical value of his home state. The majority of his first thirty-seven years were spent roaming and exploring the state of Wyoming. Hunting, fishing, vacationing, and employment by the Union Pacific Railroad allowed him to see nearly every corner of the state. The places mentioned in this book were visited by the author many times. These visits, plus a desire to leave his grandchildren with a look at how the West was developed, inspired the vision for his first novel, Relentless Pursuit - The Race of a Lifetime. Jack hopes to share his love of the state and what it took to survive in the wilderness just 150 years ago with his grandchildren through his stories. A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, Jack taught elementary school in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for six years before joining the railroad full-time—a career that would span 43 years. He resides in Omaha, Nebraska, with Kayla, his wife of more than 60 years.

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